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12 – 6 pm

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Call us at 360-738-2042

Your Adventure Starts Here

Getting Certified

Taking the first steps on getting SCUBA certified is contacting your local dive center. We live where you live and are excited about getting you certified to dive and travel any where in the world!

The Perfect Surrounding

Join us for some local diving with our Group Dives. Great way to learn the area and meet a potential new life long buddy. 

Scuba Gear we Sell

Scuba Pro, Hollis, Oceanic, Mares, Atomic Aquatics, Bare Sports to name a few brands.

Services Offered

Air fills, life support/regulator service, hydrostatic testing, visual inspections, drysuit repairs

Meet the Team

Gone Diving’s staff really makes the experience fun and exciting. 

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The Best Experience Ever

"Perfecting the act of bouyance, is flying under water."
Charlynn Andrews
Awesome Underwater Entertainer / SSI Instructor Trainer

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