Gone Diving Tech Services

Full Service Repair Center

Air Fills: We fill SCUBA and SCBA cylinders up to the working pressure of the cylinder and no higher than 3600psi.

Enriched Air Nitrox Fills: Banking up to 40%, able to mix your custom blend for a flat price.

Bring your cost down on cylinder fills with the purchase of our Air Fill cards.
We store them for you at Gone Diving so you won’t loose them.
20/20  Card
: 20 Air fills AND (not in exchange) 20 cylinder rentals. This card is great for new divers who might not have their own cylinders yet. This has both and do not expire until used.

50 Air Fill Card or 100 Air Fill card available.

Enriched Air Nitrox: 20 fills and 50 fills available.

Life Support Service
We are an authorized Tech Service Repair center for all the brands we sell. The brands we do not sell – we can still get service completed for you but just not in house.

What does an Life Support Service include at Gone Diving:  Using a test bench to properly test and repair first and second stages to manufacture specs. Clean and replace low pressure, high pressure o-rings, hoses,  schrader valves, S.P.G gauges and Bouyance Control Devices (BCD). Free tune up with in the year of service. Once you dive your life support a few times,you may want to get it adjusted – no problem! Bring it in before you head out of your trip, making sure it is pairing and safe for travels.

Cylinder Services
Annual Visual Inspection of steel and aluminum cylinders. For best service, please allow at least 48 hours to complete this service. We include a FREE air fill or Enriched Air Fills at 50% off with service. New o-rings and O2 compatible lube used.

Hydrostatic Testing: Is completed every five years. We include the VIP/VIP+, FREE air fill or Enriched Air Fill at 50% off with this service. New o-rings, burst disk replacement and O2 compatible lubes used.

Tumbling/O2 Cleaning:  In case that you might get some contaminants in the cylinder, we can provide this service in house. We tumble using O2 compatible cleaning and drying specs.

Valve Rebuild: Cylinder valves need love also. Look at them and if you see corrosion that means that you need to get that cleaned up. Could be causing your tank to loose pressure or not work correctly. We include the part kits with the servicing.

Dry Suit Services: Replace latex neck and wrist seals in -house. We send out Neoprene seals and zippers to be repaired elsewhere. Rebuilding,cleaning or replacement of exhaust and inflator valves.

We do get our air tested at least twice a year. If you would like a copy of that certification, we can provide that for you.