Bench Dives

Bench Dive

Join us for a non-diving activity. Great opportunity to meet some new people, learn about some new products, create new dive buddies and adventures. These are once a month at Gone Diving from 6-7pm on Wednesday evenings. These cost nothing to come – just your time. We are limited on space so sign up is necessary to join the fun.

Wednesday, May 31st: Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife:
Join us for an update on regulations and information on fishing and spear fishing in Washington state waters. We are limited on space, so sign up is a MUST.
Wednesday, June 21st: First day of Summer: BBQ n BS!
Meeting in the back. We will be sharing with you about Stream2Sea
If your sunscreen contains oxybenzone and parabens, they are part of the problem. When the Washington Post and Time magazine both published articles warning about sunscreens killing coral reefs, it didn’t surprise me one bit. The damage caused by benzophenone (also known as oxybenzone) and parabens had already been well documented in previous reports. The really big surprise with this latest research by Dr. Craig Downs, published in the Journal of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, was that such a tiny concentration could cause such extensive damage. Find out more!
 Wednesday, July 19th: Kick ball party!