Local and Travel Dives

Upcoming Diving Opportunities

To sign up for a Group Diving Event: Out of respect for our Dive Guide Leaders: A $5 cash, non-refundable deposit to add your name to the list. No exceptions. That money will go to the Group Leader for their time in advanced for planning, calling and taking their time to keep you in the loop.

If you show up to a Group Dive – expect to pay the Dive Guide $5 in cash! If you had not signed up for a scheduled Group Dive. This is not intended to be your Dive Leaders tip.

Call for upcoming Group Gone Diving Shore Dives @ least 1 a month.

Shore Dives: We have one schedule every month!

September 23rd, Saturday: Brandon will be the Group Leader on this upcoming to be determined adventure!

October 29th, UWPCC: Best event ever! Fairhaven Marine Park. Under Water Pumpkin Carving contest, with pot-luck and prizes to follow!

November 25th, Saturday – Dive Off that Turkey: Porteau Cove, North Vancouver, Canada.

December 23rd, Saturday: Sneak out with Brandon on an underwater experience before heading off to the families or friends!

Boat Dives:
SeaDragon Charter: North Vancouver: September 17th, 8am at dock. Enjoy some very easy 2 tank boat dives  on some walls and exploring the critters under the sea.

Lu-Jac’s Quest: San Juan Islands: October 22nd, 8am at dock The best diving to be had in our wonderful world of diving experiences. Join us for a great time for two tank boat dive!

Any special place you would like to go? Let us know! Group Diving activities happen almost every weekend. Call us 360.738.2042 to find out more information.